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Election: Reno Omokiri To Provide Free Buses For Travelers In 4 Geopolitical Zones



reno omokiri

reno omokiri

Bemigho Reno Omokri is an author and lawyer. He was the Special Assistant to President Goodluck Jonathan of Nigeria.

He promised to provide free buses for voters to travel to and from their polling regions irrespective of whom they will vote for. He went further to say if people think he’s doing it for PDP, that he urge those President Buhari made overnight billionaires to do the same for APC.

He passed this message across in his tweet using his official verified Twitter handle.

Read the tweets below;

“1-I read on my TL many Nigerians who say they traveled to vote and were frustrated by the postponement and cant afford to travel again. God willing, I‘ll provide buses to and fro 4 of the geopolitical zones for such people IRRESPECTIVE of how you intend to vote #BusesForDemocracy”

“2-It is the intention of President @MBuhari, in instigating the postponement, to frustrate voters and cause a low voter turnout. We must not allow that to happen. I call on other wealthy Nigerians to help facilitate a high turnout by providing #BusesForDemocracy to ALL Nigerians”

“3-God willing, I‘ll provide modalities/logistics for the buses. I wish I was rich enough to provide buses to and from all the geopolitical zones, but for now my pocket can only afford 4 zones. But if you can help, please do something. Frustrate the frustraters #BusesForDemocracy”

“4-I urge my Nigerian brothers and sisters who wasted money to travel and were frustrated by the postponement, not to lose heart. Watch this space on Wednesday for details of the free buses. I beg you, for the love of Nigeria, please make plans to return to vote #BusesForDemocracy”

“5-This is not about PDP or APC. This is about Nigeria. The buses I provide will be for any Nigerian citizen with a valid voter card. I am prepared to even ferry passengers in these buses even if they will all vote for @MBuhari. No one should frustrate voters #BusesForDemocracy”

If you want to ride the free #BusesForDemocracy, Please email [email protected]. Include your destination in subject. Buses leave Thursday, return Sunday.

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 The free #BusesForDemocracy are for those who are:

* Registered voters
* Travelling for the purpose of voting
* IRRESPECTIVE of who you will vote
* No campaigning in the buses

“The free #BusesForDemocracy are for any Nigerian citizen with a PVC who intend to travel for the purpose of voting, IRRESPECTIVE of who you intend to vote for. My only interest is DEMOCRACY. We must have a high voter turnout.

Not only will I provide buses, but on the Abuja to Kano route, I will provide food for the journey IRRESPECTIVE of who you vote for. I call on wealthy Nigerians to provide free #BusesForDemocracy for those who were frustrated by INEC postponement”

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