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See Where Most Tokunbo Spare Parts Sold In Markets Are Gotten From



Have you ever wondered where most of all these tokunbo spare parts you see in Nigerian markets come from? Wonder no more because you’re on the verge of finding out.

Let’s talk about the sales of tokunbo spare parts for a while before we get to their various sources.

The sales of Tokunbo spare parts in Nigeria supersedes the sale of OEM parts from time immemorial. Since most of the cars driven in Nigeria is tokunbo, we don’t need rocket scientists to prove to us why tokunbo spare parts are highly preferred.  An average Nigerian prefers to buy this tokunbo spare part than buying an OEM. One of the reasons why it is so is cost. The conviction that tokunbo parts are stronger than their OEM counterpart is yet another strong reason why tokunbo is preferred.

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This particular business has been around for a very long time and has grown rapidly over the years. In our next post, we will talk about the various markets in Nigeria where you can buy these tokunbo parts from. Ladipo International Auto Spare Parts Market remains the king of all these markets.

So, how do Nigerians in the tokunbo spare part business get these parts that they sell? keep reading to find out.

Below are the various ways they get these parts they sell in market.

1. Salvage cars outside Nigeria

In our previous post, we talked about 7 Classes Of Vehicle Title Brands Every Car Importer/Buyer Should Know, one of them is the salvage title. Salvage title is a type of vehicle title brand give to a vehicle that has been severely damaged in an accident or natural disaster. Insurance companies consider such a car as a total loss. This is because repairing such car can expensive. Insurance companies would rather sell them off at auction. Many car dealers go for this tile. They will import it, fix it and sell it off to unsuspecting customers.

A good number of businessmen make the best out of this salvage title, instead of selling the car as a whole, they sell it part by part. The car ends up being dismantled and then sent to Nigeria. While the seller gets some money from the different parts of the vehicle, the buyer can use these parts for his other automobiles.

tokunbo spare parts - salvage car

2. Accident cars in Nigeria

This is another source of getting tokunbo parts. It is just the same thing as salvage cars outside Nigeria. Some people involved in car accident prefer selling off the accidental car than taking it in for repairs. They feel they will spend much on repairs. Mechanics most times buy off this car from them to sell as scrap to tokunbo spare parts dealers.

The good and manageable parts of the car like alternator, engine seating and so on are then placed on sale as tokunbo parts.

3. Stolen parts

Some of the tokunbo spare parts you see for sale were stolen from someone’s car. Some of these parts that are easily stolen include side mirrors; headlights and taillights; catalytic converters; wheel covers; smart key; gear handle; etc.

Nigerian ports, especially Apapa port, is a location where most of the cars coming into Nigeria are ripped. Stealing a whole car is a very risky job to pull through, most thieves resort to stealing parts that can easily be hidden and sold off. To them, it’s easier than stealing the whole car.

tokunbo spare parts - catalytic converter

Which other sources do you know that we didn’t mention? Let’s hear from you in the comment section.

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