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10,000 Pre-Orders Received For The Genesis GV80 SUV



Genesis GV80 SUV Racks 10,000 Pre-Orders Before Official Launch

There’s a new sheriff in town in the luxury SUV market and all rivals are quaking in their boots. The Genesis GV80 SUV has 10,000 pre-orders before it even hits the showrooms later in the year. This is an achievement because none of its rivals has made that feat which is a record-breaker. Even the G80 sedan has pre-orders of 1,500 units which is impressive at its own right.

In an interview, Genesis CEO Mark Del Rosso suggested demand may even outpace supply. Both the GV80 and G80 are slated to enter production this summer, and the company said there are no issues with inventory during the coronavirus pandemic. Del Rosso told the publication that the company is in the “perfect position from an inventory perspective.”

The GV80 SUV is a stepping stone for the brand as its popularity may make customers lean more to the brand. Not only is the GV80 great looking outside, but it is also fantastic on the inside. To top to that, it has a fair price in comparison to rivals like the BMW X5 and Mercedes-Benz GLE. This excellent pricing will make buyers look for a cheaper alternative to the Germans and get their money’s worth.

Do you think the Genesis brand has what it takes to usurp the German giants in the long run? Comment in the section below.

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