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3 Things That Can Cause Brake Fluid Leakage In Your Car



low brake fluid

low brake fluid

We all know that the braking system is a vital system of every car no matter old or new.

Without effective brakes, you can’t halt a car when desired; stopping a car would take a longer time.

This braking system is designed to circulate brake fluid which creates the pressure used in slowing down or stopping the vehicle.

This brake fluid is not volatile like fuel, it doesn’t evaporate over time; it just requires periodic topping to operate optimally.

The brake fluid in the reservoir will go low when you service any part if the brake system. This implies that the fluid have settled throughout the braking system. It will require you to top it to reach the recommended mark.

Aside the above point, shortening of the brake fluid can be as a result of leak somewhere in the system. This is not something that should be waved off or taken lightly; immediate attention is needed.

Your safety when driving shouldn’t be compromised.

These are the causes of brake fluid leakage in your car.

1. The bleeder valves are loose:

The bleeder valve is also known as bleeder bolts.
They are found on the brake calipers and their function is to remove excess fluid when servicing the brake system.
If they are not tight as recommended, there might be brake fluid leakage.

2. Damaged brake lines:

This can result when there is a hole or cut in the brake system line. You would notice this when there is a little or no resistance when you depress the brake pedal.

3. Bad/faulty master cylinder:

This master cylinder is a common area to find leaks.


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