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7 Reasons To Get The Innoson IVM G20 Multipurpose Vehicle



image of Innoson IVM G20

image of Innoson IVM G20

How much do you know about the Innoson IVM G20? Before we get to that, most of us swore they would never own an MPV car or a Mini-van, but now we shuttle our kids from one Danfo to another in our daily lives. When you think about minivans, maybe they don’t come across as the most glamorous car you could own. You’re right. They’re not. But we’re willing to bet that the IVM G20 is a lot more interesting and exciting than you can ever imagine. It has everything you think you’ll need, and all the little things that you hadn’t thought of. Consider the following reasons and get yourself an IVM G20.

1. Perfect For Road Trips

Road trips require great attention. In fact, the unpredictability of trips requires that extra care should always be in the mind of the driver to ensure safety. Safety is paramount in a minivan, and the IVM G20 takes it very seriously. Remember, this is a car that has been designed with you in mind, and it’s those little things that you don’t expect that make a big difference when you’re driving. Little things like the Electronic Stability Control, which helps you maneuver in difficult weather conditions: real peace of mind with your family in the car.

2. Easy for Kids To Get In and Out Of

Hopping in and out of commercial buses is a skill most people don’t have, especially Children. And in big cities where accidents occur because of the impatience of crazy drivers who never stops their vehicle abruptly for passengers to alight, kids, are at greater risk and too little to undergo such experience.

The IVM G20 is low to the ground, so even the smallest kids can climb into them with ease. And with sliding doors, you don’t have to worry about hands getting smashed with a slammed car door. This is great when you’re in a parking lot and need your children to hurry up and get in so you can load the minivan.

image of Innoson IVM G20 sideview

3. Lots Of Storage Space

Everyone desires an extra space, be it a memory space, or a room space. Now imagine having lots of storage space in your car. The IVM G20 have all sorts of compartments and storage space. Not only is this space great for trips because you can pack smaller bags in the floor space, but it also frees up space within the minivan so your kids can spread their legs without being squished between suitcases.

4. It’s a One Family Vehicle

In Nigeria, the average family size is increasing. With more little ones around you’ll find that having a nice spacious car suddenly makes a lot of sense. Many families are downsizing from two or more vehicles to one. While becoming a one-vehicle family is a huge decision, choosing the innoson IVM G20 as your one vehicle makes sense for many reasons.
With its spacious interior and storage areas, everyone can have their own space. A one-vehicle family won’t feel cramped when everyone is loading up in the minivan to head off for school or to work.

5. Cheaper Maintenance

Maintaining your car is very important and it shouldn’t be left in the hands of mechanics alone. The IVM G20 saves you a lot of money. The cost of maintaining the car is relatively cheap.

6. Flexibility

One of the things that makes the Innoson IVM G20 so appealing in the modern age of driving is the flexibility that it offers. With such a big heavy car you might be reasonable to expect bad handling on the road, but once again, you’ll be surprised. The IVM G20 is actually rather refined with a smooth ride and responsive handling
The IVM G20 comes into its own when there are large loads to carry, whether that’s people or just stuff you need to move. Thanks to its intelligently designed seating configuration options this car can carry seven people in luxurious comfort.

7. It’s very affordable

The IVM G20 is very affordable. You can also purchase the vehicle through their auto-financing scheme and pay within three years. The IVM G20 takes minivans to new heights. Long, sweaty journeys in the Nigeria heat never sound like much fun but this car makes them a breeze. It combines the practicality of a minivan with the advanced features of a luxury car. Buy one and you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

To Purchase Innoson IVM cars and make further inquiries
Visit or contact them via [email protected] or call- 08137075745, 08030889955.

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