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Bugatti Had To Use Another Chiron As A Camera Car To Film Its 0-249-0 Record Run




How can you possibly track a BUGATTI CHIRON hitting 249 mph (400 kph) in 32.6 seconds?

How do you film a BUGATTI CHIRON at 249 mph?
These are some of the questions that has been bugging many people’s mind since the video of the Bugatti Chiron doing the 0-249-0 mph world record run surfaced online

Bugatti recently added a new world record to its name. The Bugatti Chiron accelerated to 249 mph and then back to zero in just 42 sec,which is a rare feat. The Bugatti Chiron reached 249 mph from 0 in 32.6 seconds and covered 1.6 miles in the process.
Once the brakes were applied the car came to a halt in 9.3 seconds and 491 meters.

The car maker released a video where the record-setting Chiron was being tracked at speeds exceeding 350 km/h (217 mph).

Watch The Bugatti Chiron Set 0-249-0 Mph World Record Of 42 Seconds

But,to do that you need a vehicle that can keep up with the Chiron. So what vehicle was used as the tracking car?
Was the camera bolted on to another Chiron? Or a Veyron,perhaps?

Well,the answer to that question is pretty simple.Bugatti used another Chiron as a track car to film the video.Of course, it had to be Chiron.

Bugatti had to fit a special camera rig to the white Chiron pictured above to capture the record-setting car at that speed.

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