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10 Cars You’ll Likely See In A Nigerian Billionaire’s Garage



Nigerian Billionaire's Garage

According to the latest  Forbes ranking, Nigerians can boast of having up to eight billionaires. But we all know that the number of billionaires in Nigeria is way more than that. The truth of the matter is there are many billionaires who have chosen to keep low profile.

In this post, we would talk about the various cars you’re likely to see in a Nigerian billionaire’s garage. There is a tendency for majority of the people under the wealthy umbrella to drive the best of cars. They often go for comfort, and that’s why you see most of them owning luxurious vehicles that runs in multi-millions of Naira.

Below are the vehicles you’re likely to see in their garages.

1. Rolls Royce

The Rolls Royce has the first spot in this list of cars you’re likely to see in a Nigerian billionaire’s garage. The Rolls Royce brand has proven to be one of the most outstanding luxury brand in the world. Emirs, Obas,  business moguls,  sportsmen,  top rated artistes,  pastors and politicians are likely to have one of these in their garage.

If you’re not wealthy, you’re likely not to own this car in your lifetime because it’s not for the common man. Most of the wealthy people we have in Nigeria identifies with this brand. They usually have one of these in their fleet.

NB: We won’t treat the different Rolls Royce models separately, we simply generalized.


2. Bentley

The Bentley is next to the Rolls Royce. This is yet another brand focused on luxury and comfort.  You arr likely not going to look for this brand when you get to a Nigerian billionaire’s garage. It is one of the brands most billionaires go for. Senator Dino Melaye,  Linda Ikeji who are wealthy Nigerians owns a Mulsanne.


3. Mercedes S-Class

This list won’t be complete without the Mercedes S-Class. The Mercedes S-Class is beautiful, durable, powerful, luxurious, very pleasing to drive, and has made its mark around the world. The S-Class is the full-sized luxury flagship vehicles of Mercedes Benz and it’s being used today by many world leaders like president Muhammadu Buhari and the President of Germany. Most Nigerian billionaires find the Mercedes S-Class worthy of being in their fleet of cars.

mercedes Benz s Class

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4. Mercedes Maybach

The Mercedes Maybach is a German car brand that today exists as a part of Mercedes-Benz. As luxurious as the Mercedes Benz S-Class is, the Mercedes Maybach will knock it off with its lineup. Most wealthy men prefer to be chauffeured in this rather than the S-Class. Ray Hushpuppi once gifted himself this luxury on wheels – Mercedes Maybach S650. Last year, President Muhammadu Buhari marked his inauguration in a 2019 Mercedes Maybach.


5. Toyota Hilux

The Toyota Hilux most times serve as an escort for the billionaires. We won’t be wrong to say it’s an errand car for these wealthy folks. This is the car use for going to market for food stuff and buying the things needed at home. When these billionaires take road trips, the Hilux is used to convey security agents. It is the car used to clear road for the Rolls Royce, Bentley, S-Class and every other luxury car.

toyota hilux

6. Mercedes Benz Sprinter

The Mercedes Benz Sprinter is the bus you’ll likely see in a Nigerian billionaire’s garage. Most of theses billionaires don’t have much business to do with the common Toyota Hiace bus that is everywhere. If they must move in a bus, they are most likely to go for luxury, of which the sprinter will serve well.

Nigerian Billionaire's Garage

7. Mercedes G-Wagon

The boxy German SUV can’t be omitted.  It has proven to be a car wealthy people buy. This does not only apply to Nigeria but the whole world at large.


8. Lexus LX 570

This is another world class luxurious SUV made by Lexus.  The LX570 SUV has made its way to the hearts of the elite. It’s even the official car of some state governor’s in Nigeria.  The LX570 made it to the official car collection of Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State.


9. Toyota Landcruiser Prado

This car is the bread and butter of most politicians and wealthy men in Nigeria. The reliability and ruggedness of this SUV have placed this car in the hearts of the elites. The Landcruiser Prado has blood ties with the Lexus LX570. They are both under the Toyota Brand.  It possesses similar features of the LX570 but the LX570 takes the crown when it comes to luxury. The Landcruiser Prado has come a long way and has always been in the fleet of the wealthy.

Nigerian Billionaire's Garage


10. Range Rover Autobiography

This is another British Engineering masterpiece you’ll likely see in a Nigerian Billionaire’s garage after the Bentley.

Are there cars you think should be on this list but are not here? Kindly let us know using the comment section.

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