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The Official And Ceremonial Vehicles Of 45 World Leaders (Photos)













The official and ceremonial vehicles used by world leaders are not just casual vehicles; they are special.

Transporting the leader of a nation is not an easy task. For security reasons, incorporating high level of technological sophistication such as bullet and bombproof is very essential. The car as well has to be comfortable enough for the leader at least to ease off the stress accumulated from the office.

This graphics we obtained from Title Max shows the official states vehicles used by various world leaders.

You’ll get to see the Mercedes S-Class of President Buhari of Nigeria which is escorted by 10 cars and 10 motorcycles. You’ll also be amazed to see the 1987 Volkswagen Beetle driven by former Uruguayan president, Josè Mujica.

You’ll also see that Mercedes is by far the most popular brand used for ceremonial transportation of world leaders. Countries such as China, Sweden and France use car brands based within their borders.

Some nations like it old school; they opt for vintage vehicles.

See the detailed infographics below;

 vehicles world leaders











Which of these cars is your favourite?

photo credit: Title Max

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