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Covid-19: 21 Automakers That Shut Down Production Due To CoronaVirus Pandemic



covid-19 automakers

covid-19 automakers

The Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic has been a thing of great concern around the world for some months now. It has affected a lot of things going on around the globe. So many countries are on lockdown due to  this deadly pandemic that has sent thousands of people to their graves.

At the moment, several companies shutdown in a bid to curtail this pandemic. Some of the companies on lockdown are the automakers. Many automakers around the globe took the decision to temporarily shutdown operations till further notice.

Below are the 21 automakers that have announced their decision to shut down temporarily due to the convid-19 pandemic.

1. Toyota

Toyota Nigeria is the leading automaker in the world.  The auto giant on March 23, suspended all operations in North American. All production plants in the United States, Mexico and Canada have been shut down until April 20 when all facilities are expected to be subjected to a thorough cleaning process.

covid-19 automakers


2. Kia

The South Korean automaker on 24th March, suspended production at Georgia. According to the automaker, the aim of the temporal shutdown is for cleaning and sanitation exercises. Operations are to resume on 13th of April.

3. General motors

General Motors was founded in 1908 by the owner of Buick, Williams Buick. On 19th March, the automaker announced the temporal closure and no production in North America. The automaker made a commitment to building ventilators and face masks in two of her USA facilities.

covid-19 automakers

4. Aston Martin

The British luxury automaker on 24th of March suspended operations at its Gaydon and St Athan facilities in the UK while it plans to reopen on 20th April.

5. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA)

On 18th March, Fiat Chrysler, confirmed the temporary closure of its North American and European plants due to the coronavirus pandemic.

covid-19 automakers

6. Volkswagen

The German automaker founded in 1937 announced that it would temporarily suspend production at its Chattanooga, Tennessee, manufacturing plant from  21st March.

volkswagen logo

7. Hyundai

On March 18, the South Korean automaker shut down its plant in Montgomery, Alabama. This came after a worker tested positive for covid-19.

8. Rolls-Royce

Rolls Royce is among the leading luxury automakers in the world. On 24th March, the British luxury marque suspended production at he fact that it would suspend production at its UK facility as well as its civil aerospace operations.


9. Ford

The American automaker on 19th of March, closed production in Europe and North America in order to combat the spread of the virus. Reopening of these facilities will be as from 14th April.

covid-19 automakers

10. Lamborghini

The Italian automaker also followed suit. On March 13th, its Sant’Agata Bolognese plant suspended productions till further notice.

11. Daimler

The German automaker on 17th March stopped all production in Europe to curtail the coronavirus pandemic, which has killed thousands all over the world.

Daimler, the parent company of the Mercedes-Benz brand also added that the suspension applies to its car, van and commercial vehicle plants.

covid-19 automakers

12.  Ferrari

On March 16th, the Italian automaker shutdown production both in its plants in Maranello and Modena, Italy.


13. Porsche

On 18th March, Porsche announced its plant in Zuffenhausen and a production facility in Leipzig would come to a halt for at least two weeks.

14. Honda

Honda automaker on 18th March, suspended its production in North American factories.

15. Bentley

The British luxury brand on 20th March, suspended operations due to the covid-19 pandemic.

16. Subaru

On 23rd March, Subaru suspended operations at its sole US production plant in Lafayette.

17. Tesla

The electric car giant. Tesla, confirmed the closure of its plant in Fremont, California as well as New York Gigafactory. Elon Musk also announced the commencement of ventilator production in New York.

tesla logo

18. Bugatti

French supercar manufacturer, Bugatti, shut down its production plant in Molsheim On 20th March to help control the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

19. Volvo

On 20th March, the Swedish automaker suspended production at its European plant. Its US plant halted operation on March 26.

20. Aston Martins

On March 24th,  the British luxury automaker, Aston Martin, suspended operations at its Gaydon and St Athan facilities in the UK while it plans to reopen on April 20.

21. Nissan

Japanese automaker, Nissan, confirmed on 18th March that production in the United States have been suspended.

nissan logo

We hope you’re safe during this pandemic. Don’t fail to observe all precautionary measures to curb this pandemic. Stay safe out there.

Emeka is a Contributor at Autojosh. A graduate of Electrical/Electronic Engineering with a B.Eng degree. Emeka is a car enthusiast who is interested in traveling, writing, movies and driving. He also loves drinking garri with cold water.

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