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Dozens Of Vehicles Submerged, Residents Stranded After 3-Hour Downpour In Ibadan 




Heavy downpour and floodings on Tuesday caused massive damages across parts of Ibadan, the Oyo state capital.

Flooded roads submerged cars and motorcycles, with reports of two riders being swept away.

Areas affected include Olodo, Orogun, Abatakan, Onipepeye, Ariyo, Oki, Kute, Agbowo, Oke-Ado, Gbekuba, Apata and Omi-Adio.


Ibadan, the Oyo state capital, was on Tuesday submerged in flood waters after a heavy downpour that lasted for more than three hours.

The heavy rainfall, which started at around 3.30 pm yesterday, left several people stranded for many hours.

The flood water from the downpour overflowed dredge rivers and streams, flooding a good number of areas in the city.

Worst hit areas include Olodo, Orogun, Abatakan, Onipepeye, Ariyo, Oki, Kute and Agbowo.

According to reports, roads, cars and motorcycles were submerged in the flood, with reports of two riders being swept away.

Other areas that were affected include Oke-Ado, Gbekuba, Apata, and Omi-Adio.

Farmlands and fish-ponds were submerged in Omi Adio, while people were reportedly trapped in their flood homes at Olodo area.

One of the affected residents at Olodo said :

“The rain started drizzling until it became heavier and continued for many hours. There are no casualties here yet, but we don’t know what will happen when the large volume of water flows away”.

Yesterday’s incident brought back the memory of the August 26, 2011 flood disaster that left over 100 people dead.

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