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Lexus Teases Next Generation IS For 2021 (Photos)



Lexus Teases Next Generation IS For 2021

The current Lexus IS has been around for 8 years now and it’s due for a replacement after a successful run. Although it’s not like what the powerhouse from Germany are offering, but it still a cheap alternative. The latest model was supposed to be launched on the 9th of this month but it will be unveiled on Monday.

There are only teaser photos here but no significant unveil so that the surprise will not be spoiled. Compared to the outgoing IS, the new model sports a more pronounced shoulder line and features a unique rear lighting signature, with a light strip that spans across the lower edge of the boot lid. The pictured model also features F Sport badges on the front fenders and wears the IS 350 emblem at the back.

From the IS 350 batch, we can guess that it still retains the 3.5-litre V6 from the current model which makes 311hp and 280 lb-ft of torque. The IS 250 will be scrapped in favour of the IS 200 with a 2.o-litre turbo 4-cylinder engine. Most of the details of the Lexus IS are scarce but the platform will be between Toyota’s TGNA-N or TGNA-L. The 8-speed automatic transmission will remain with a standard rear-wheel-drive or optional all-wheel-drive (V6 models only)

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