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Massive Flood Submerge Thousands Of Cars In China, Tesla Model 3 Headlights Keeps Working




Massive flood caused by heavy rains submerge thousands of cars in China, here is an image of a flooded Tesla Model 3 with headlights still flashing.


A street in Guangzhou lined with dozens of submerged cars.

Last week, torrential rain and flooding reportedly paralysed activities in the southern city of Guangzhou, Guangdong, China.

All districts in Guangzhou, except for Nansha, were hit hardest. Subway lines were suspended, while some trains serving Guangzhou Railway Station were delayed.

The heavy downpour, known as dragon boat rain, usually falls between May 21 and June 20. The massive damages is said to be worth billions of dollars.

According to reports, thousands of cars were submerged in the flood during the heavy downpour. In one particular garage, over 200 flooded cars were said to have been towed out after the water subsided .

One of several pictures posted on Weibo earlier this week shows a street lined with dozens of flooded cars.


Headlights of Tesla Model 3 electric car kept working despite being underneath the flood rainwater for several hours.

Another picture shows the headlights of a Tesla Model 3 electric car that kept working despite being underneath the water for several hours.

The bonnet of the vehicle was wide open, while its headlights were clearly on, despite being underwater. No further details were given about the submerged electric car.

Unlike traditional petrol and diesel powered cars, chances of an all-electric cars getting damaged by flood is very low.

They have well sealed electric motors that drives the wheels, as well as water-proof battery packs – to prevent electric shocks.

Their lack of carburetors, radiators and no (heavy) engines can allow them to keep cruising in heavy flooding.