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Okada And Keke Replacement Coming In April-LASG



Okada And Keke Replacement Coming In April-LASG

Lagos State Government on Wednesday assured residents that it would roll out an alternative to Okada and Keke in April. This will cushion the hardship caused by the ban on Okada and Keke Marwa riders.

Briefing journalists shortly after a security meeting held at the State House, Marina and chaired by the State Governor, Mr. Babajide Sanwo-Olu, Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Mr. Gbenga Omotosho said the government would be injecting buses of different sizes and capacities into the public transportation space. This will serve as an alternative to Okada and Keke.

“We are using this opportunity to inform Lagosians that the palliatives promised by the Government will be coming very soon. The project will start most likely in April,” the Commissioner said.

The State Government also issued a stern warning to uniform men flouting the State’s Transport Sector Reform Laws, stressing that it is illegal for any security operative in mufti to ride commercial motorcycles on routes where Okada and tricycles have been restricted.

Okada And Keke Replacement Coming In April-LASG


The pronouncement was part of the issues discussed during a security meeting held at the State House in Marina. Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu chaired the meeting, which was attended by Commanders of all security formations in the State.

Omotoso said that the enforcement of the restriction order would be executed with more force. This is to completely keep Okada and tricycles away from the restricted routes.

Members of the Security Council, the Commissioner said, frowned at a situation in which uniform men flouted the State’s Transport Sector Reform Laws, warning security operatives, especially police officers and military personnel, to stop taking passengers on their motorcycles on restricted routes.

Omotoso said: “We have just concluded the State Security Council meeting, where we reviewed the ongoing enforcement of Okada and Keke restriction order in the six Local Government Areas. Matters concerning uniform men engaging in commercial motorcycle operation came up in our discussion and there has been an order restricting them from doing that.

“Only a uniform man, fully kitted who owns and rides a motorcycle as his own personal transportation means is allowed. If any uniform man ventures into commercial motorcycle operation or Keke, that person will be arrested.”

The Commissioner, therefore, reiterated that the State would not relax the laws restricting Okada and tricycles on the highways. He also praised Lagosians for standing firm behind the Government in the ongoing enforcement of the restriction order.

Okada And Keke Replacement Coming In April-LASG

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