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Plateau State Number Plate Codes And What They Mean



Plateau number plate codes

Plateau number plate codes

Every state in Nigeria has their various number plate codes. These codes engraved on plate numbers have what they mean.

In our previous posts, we talked about Lagos State, Anambra, Imo, Abia, Jigawa, Ondo, Katsina, and Enugu State number plate codes and what they mean. This time around, we would reveal the meaning of Plateau State Number Plate Codes.

The first three letters you see on any plate number indicates the Local Government area of registration for the vehicle.

Below are the  number plate codes and what they mean.

BLD – Barkin-Ladi

BSA – Bassa

BKK – Bokkos

ANW – Jos-East

JJN – Jos-North

BUU – Jos-South

DNG – Kanam

KWK – Kanke

LGT – Langtang-North

MBD – Langtang-South

MGU – Mangu

TNK – Mikang

PKN – Pankshin

QAP – Quan Anpan

RYM – Riyom

SHD – Shendam

WAS – Wase

The license plates are generally white, and the number itself is imprinted in blue. The background consists of an outline of a map of Nigeria. The top left corner bears the Nigerian flag or the coat of arm. The state name and slogan is displayed at the top centre of the plate, and the “Federal Republic of Nigeria” is written at the bottom.

Plateau is the twelfth-largest state in Nigeria. Approximately in the centre of the country, it is geographically unique in Nigeria due to its boundaries of elevated hills surrounding the Jos Plateau its capital, and the entire plateau itself.

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