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Lagos Deploys Number Plate Detection Device




The era of running after traffic offenders is gone with the introduction of the PayVIS, a number plate detection platform by the Lagos State Government (LASG).

Over the years, motorists in the state were said to have caused more damage. This is due to an attempt to evade arrest or payment of fines for traffic offences.

But officials of the state Vehicle Inspection Service (VIS) do not have to run after traffic offenders again. This will be with the deployment of technology by the state.

PlateDetect is also known as Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) device. It is a traffic analytics and access control application. It was developed for Lagos State’s Vehicle Inspection Service to track, monitor, and book traffic offenders.

The app, according to the information extracted on the VIS website, “ensures that all vehicle documentation (vehicle license, insurance policy, road worthiness certificate, driver’s license, hackney permit (commercial vehicles only), Lagos State Drivers’ Institute Card (commercial vehicles) can be verified and tickets raised for violators.”

Number Plate

How does it work?

Traffic cameras located beside traffic lights will capture traffic offenders without the presence of traffic officials.

The camera takes a photo of the vehicle’s number and runs a scan of the vehicle’s records in the state’s VIS database.

To detect whether you may have had a prior traffic offense, vehicle owners are urged to visit their website, type in their number plate and then click on search. Once this is done, a bill is generated for any outstanding offense.

Recall that in 2017, Lagos VIS launched a Automatic number-plate recognition device.

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