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This Is How A Rolls-Royce Supercar Will Look Like




Ever wondered how a supercar from British luxury automaker Rolls-Royce will look like?

Brands like Bugatti, Lamborghini, Ferrari, Koenigsegg and Pagani comes to mind when the word “supercar” is mentioned.

Should Rolls-Royce enter the supercar segment?

BMW-owned British automaker Rolls-Royce is one of the biggest in the game when it comes to making extra luxury cars.

Its current line-up includes the Dawn Convertible, Ghost sedan, Wraith Coupe, Phantom sedan, and the latest addition, the Cullinan SUV.

One segment that Rolls-Royce has never played in is that of the sports car.

Just like Bentley, we’re pretty sure Rolls-Royce doesn’t intend to. The closest that sport car fans can get from Rolls-Royce is the Wraith.


But this hasn’t stop visual artist Rain Prisk from imagining how a supercar with a Rolls-Royce badge will look like.

Prisk’s imaginary sports car takes styling cues from the Wraith. The front end features the classic Rolls-Royce grille and a Spirit of Ecstasy sits on the bonnet.

He said on his facebook page that :

Rolls-Royce supercar. Probably the most pointless design I have done, I can’t think of a single reason for that car to exist.

Had a hard time trying to mix the classic Rolls-Royce lines with mid-engine layout, but I’m actually really happy with the result.

It would be the classiest looking supercar and I am a fan of the looks.”


As for the engine that will power this imaginary supercar, Rolls-Royce will likely use the 6.75-liter V-12 engine.

The automaker was adamant back in 2019 that it will be holding onto its legendary for as long as possible.

With This Awesome Rendering, Should Rolls-Royce Enter The Sports car Segment?