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Sammie Okposo: How He Was Saved From A Potentially Fatal Accident On 3rd Mainland Bridge



Sammie Okposo: How He Was Saved From A Potentially Fatal Accident On 3rd Mainland Bridge

Popular gospel musician, Sammie Okposo, recently revealed how his life was saved from a potentially fatal car accident.

The “Welu, Welu” singer revealed this in a social media post. In the post, he wrote:

“I was not going to post this because I had already thanked praised and worshipped God for delivering me from death Saturday, May 16th 2020.

But this is something to brag about and testify of the miracle-working power of God I have a very BIG God who is always by my side to deliver me.

“The image you see is my car propeller shaft that pulled off whilst I was in motion.

Just before it happened I was doing 100/120kph on the 3rd mainland bridge connecting to CMS and then to Surulere my destination

As I was driving suddenly, I heard a voice “SLOW DOWN”. So immediately, I reduced my speed to 60kph.

10 seconds after reducing my speed from 120kph to 60kph, the propeller shaft of my car pulled off with a loud noise”.

The damaged propeller shaft as posted by Sammie Okposo on Instagram

Just imagine what would have happened if the voice of God did not prompt me to slow down, imagine what would have happened if I was still on 120kph when the propeller shaft of my car pulled off.

Oh Jesus, Oh Jesus, Oh Jesus thank you my savior, my deliverer, my protector my shield I’m alive because of you Jesus.

I am fine, no scratch, nothing is missing, nothing broken.

Yet again, the devil and his cohorts have failed and they will continue to fail”. The singer wrote.

The 48-year old Sammie Okposo is also a music producer, psalmist, and CEO of Zamar Entertainment. He released his first album Addicted in 2004. He has collaborated with many other artists in the gospel and soul music fields, has performed regularly in Africa, Europe, and North America, and curates a series of concerts called SOPP (Sammie Okposo Praise Party).

The Grammy-winning Kevin Bond produced his most recent album, The Statement (2018).

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