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See The Family That Survived When Their Car Somersaulted (PHOTOS)




A vehicle carrying 5 people was involved in an accident at Lurubuko along the Namanga-Amboseli road at the border of Kenya-Tanzania.

According to one of the occupants,  Boniface Mwangi, the vehicle skidded on loose gravel, lost control and flipped.

“The car lost control, we got off the road, cleared bushes and then the car flipped. When all that very scary experience stopped, all five of us were still belted and in our seats, upside down. Safety belts are lifesavers. Belt up”, Mwangi said in a tweet.

“We had passed some men grazing, slowed down, said Hello & then drove on, a few minutes later they heard kids screaming. They rushed to the scene and found us shaken but okay. I was taken to THE spot with phone network, they strategically built their Manyatta there & l was served tea”.

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