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See These Trucks That Can Fix A Pothole Under 5 Minutes (See PHOTOS/VIDEO)



Globally, potholes are nuisances on roads.

In many countries, billions of dollars are wasted to fix potholes.

Potholes cause damage to vehicles. Their presence on the road also results in thousands of fatal road accidents.

Potholes are also the reason for traffic gridlocks on roads.

Potholes are formed by water intrusion, temperature variations, and the stresses of cars and trucks constantly running over a road.

Every road deteriorates. However, dense urban areas with large seasonal weather changes are most severely afflicted.

Despite the painful annoyance, gigantic costs, and even loss of life, pothole repair technology has been about as frustrating as the potholes themselves.

In Nigeria, the nuisances of potholes is even worse.

In Nigeria, road patching staffs of road maintenance agencies toil away, pouring asphalt into broken concrete, which is an expensive and a temporary solution at best.

Thankfully, there are technologies that ease the process of fixing potholes on the roads.

It usually comes in the form of trucks that are designed to fix a pothole under 5 minutes.

They can also automatically detect street damage. And act to fix it in record time.

One truck can fix 50 potholes a day. And a small fleet can easily service an entire city.

The machine first locates the damaged road, and drills out the affected area. It then vacuums up the excess roads. Leaving the excess road for cleaning and so on.

Indeed, in Nigeria, where roads are typically substandard and prone to deteriorations, such technology is urgently needed.

Watch video of their operations below.

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