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Tata Introduces 5-Year Warranty On Commercial Vehicle Range



Tata International – has become the first company in Nigeria to introduce a best-in-class standard warranty of five years on its entire medium, heavy and extra heavy commercial vehicle range. This first-of-its-kind across Africa as the five-year warranty. It applies to the full range of Tata trucks and buses. It also applies to Daewoo trucks in all 12 markets in which it operates in Africa.

Len Brand, CEO of Tata International Africa, says the introduction of a five-year driveline warranty on the commercial vehicle range. It reinforces the company’s commitment to enhancing its customer ownership experience.

“We are extremely pleased to offer five-years of assurance on our range of commercial vehicles, while reiterating our commitment to the quality of our products,” says Brand. “Given Africa’s harsh and varied terrains, this new warranty goes a long way towards Tata International Africa’s pursuit of offering enhanced lifecycle benefits to customers.

So, whether a customer is in Nigeria, Kenya or South Africa, or any other country in which we operate, they will have the same experience and benefits in terms of the warranty. “We are customer obsessed and our Uptime strategy is bearing fruit. Four years ago, we identified the components that we knew were imperative to the growth of our business.

The final dream was to be the most sought-after distributor for commercial vehicles in Africa. We have been building towards that, with excellent work

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