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Tesla Model S And X Will Have Touchscreen Gear Selector Via Update



Tesla has showcased a new way to shift gears in their cars with the Model S and X being able to do this via touchscreen. Replacing the stalk, which was removed in the Model S and X’s recent updates, drivers will apparently select gears using a slider on the left side of the infotainment screen. Many people believe this update is a flaw because the shifter doesn’t indicate which gear the driver is on.

Apart from the funny gear selector, the yoke steering is another thing to be worried about as NHTSA has yet to decide if this new wheel is legal. CEO Elon Musk claimed the car could signal and change drive positions by itself, and now we have a better idea of how that will work. While Tesla’s new system doesn’t seem difficult by any stretch of the imagination, it also fails to give drivers physical feedback while they’re selecting their gear.

No matter how fancy this new technology is, it is still very scary to say the list. It will be difficult for drivers they may swipe the reverse gear by mistake. Tesla seems to have got that figured out with a manual override system. There are more questions than answers about this new feature like how will the car know when to reverse or to drive and to change the radio station?? Only Elon Musk can answer that.

Latest Update For Tesla Model S And X Will Have A Touchscreen Gear Selector Latest Update For Tesla Model S And X Will Have A Touchscreen Gear Selector

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