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Thieves Breaks Into Two US Dealership, Drives Bentley Through Showroom’s Glass (Video)




Thieves breaks into two dealership, stole 5 cars, including a Bentley Continental GT that was driven through showroom’s glass. 


Thieves drives a Bentley Continental GT through dealership showroom’s glass. 

Police in US are still investigating car thefts after two car dealership were broken into last week Monday.

Both incidents happened at Elhart Hyundai Car Dealership on Chicago Drive and European Autohaus, a used car dealership, off of 112th Avenue.

According to the general managers of both dealerships, the thieves stole a total of five luxury cars.

At the Elhart dealership, the thieves were able to escape with a Hyundai Palisade, Hyundai Genesis G70, Chevy Impala and a Ford Fusion.


At the European Autohaus, they managed to drive a used Bentley Continental GT through the showroom floor. The $40,000 Bentley is still missing.

Police officers arrived at the scene while the suspects were driving off the stolen vehicles.

One of the vehicles, a Ford Fusion, was later recovered after the suspects abandoned it during a 20 miles chase.

Police believes these crimes are now becoming more typical since the mass protest broke out a month ago.

Several dealerships, including a Mercedes-Benz showroom, have been targeted over the last month, with several cars either stolen or destroyed.

Police spokesperson said :

“Obviously we will be doing some proactive things to combat this, so we’ll be a little smarter because of it”

No arrests have been made at the time of writing this report.