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Tips For Driving Out A Car Stuck In Mud Or Sand



a car stuck in mud

Unexpectedly getting stuck in the mud/sand can be annoying and frustrating at the same time especially when there is no one readily available to help you out.

There are options that could be explored to get the issue resolved. Something like getting a tow van is one of them. But how quick will their response be and how much will they charge? It could be expensive.

You can even call a friend or relative to come with a stronger car to pull you out; you can as well get lucky to see a charitable person passing by that can be of help.

When all the suggestions mentioned above don’t turn out to be a reality, you can try the tips we have here, it can be of help.

If you happen to get stuck in mud, let some air out your tyres. When air is let out, the tyres become wider and cover more space making it easier to get out the mud. Keeping the tyres fully inflated digs deeper into the mud, but with less air. Wider coverage and better traction may not solve it immediately but will help.

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Don’t depress the accelerator pedal continuously while the car is in one position and not moving. It would only dig a deeper hole, steer left and right while you press the pedal to make your way out

In an automatic transmission, use the lowest gear setting. On a manual transmission try a higher gear like first or second.

Don’t forget to accelerate gently to see if the car will move without aggressively spinning the wheels.


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