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5 Scenarios Where Your Car Can Put Your Life In Danger



There are scenarios that have led to the death of lots of people on the road when not properly handled. These scenarios are deadly and can cost you your life. Nobody prays for such to occur to them, but if they eventually do, there can be some tips to help.

Below are the 5 scenarios where your car can put your life in danger.

1. Brake failure:
brake malfunction signal

Brake failure is one out of the numerous things that can make your car lose control when you’re driving. Worn out brake pads, low brake fluid and tampered brake system can lead to this.

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This will not only tell you what to do, it will get you prepared for the adrenaline rush.


2. Runaway acceleration/stuck accelerator:
stuck accelerator

We guess you’ve heard of cars being recalled by the manufacturers due to stuck gas pedal or car increasing in speed even when your foot isn’t on the gas.

If it’s a stuck pedal, the pedal will go down and become mechanically jammed, and won’t come up.

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3. Bad weather:

Bad weather is another factor that can put your life in danger when driving. These bad whether include when it’s raining, when it is foggy and so on.

Bad weather would always reduce the visibility of drivers and that’s a big problem.

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4. Cornering with high speed:
car cornering with speed
Except you’re a good driver driving a good car with good suspension technology, it is never okay to corner at high speed. You can end up in the bush if you try it out.

Some cars like BMW and Benz are designed to corner at high speed, but it’s not a very safe act. It can make your car drift off the road.


5. Blown front tire on high speed:

This has cost a lot of lives in the past. The outcome of a car tire blown on high speed can be bloody; at times, it can lead to the car somersaulting.

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