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Why Do Nigerian Motorists Keep Religious Books On Their Dashboards?



Indeed, it is very common to find motorists driving around with a copy of a religious book placed on their dashboards.

Sometimes, these books look like they have never been opened – let alone read – in this millennium.

So, one wonders if there is actually some secret benefit of permanently placing a religious book on the dashboard or a vehicle.

Or does putting the Bible, the Quoran or any religious material on your dashboard prevent a driver from having an accident or harm of any sort?

Chances are, it will not. If anything, you would probably be more likely to get in an accident with it on your dashboard since it would be a distraction as it slides back and forth.

Also, in the event of a sudden halt, while driving, there would be the possibility of it flying off to hit someone in the face or falling down and getting under the gas pedal (accelerator) or brake pedals.

It is advised not to place a book, or any other loose item, on your dashboard. You might just be asking for trouble if you do, or putting yourself in harm’s way.

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