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6 Ways To Extend The Life Of Your Car Tyres



Tyres let you have a smooth and safe drive. Since they play a vital role in your car, it is important to maintain them properly. Tyres deteriorate quickly because that’s the only car component that makes contact with the hard road surface. 

However, you can make your car tyres last longer and save a lot of money with these simple steps…

Maintain Recommended Pressure

Inflate the tyres as recommended by the tyre and/or car manufacturer. Make sure all the tyres always have the required pressure.. This is usually stated on the pillar the driver’s door locks into. Check the air pressure of the tyres occasionally (recent cars now come with tyre pressure monitoring systems). Over-inflating your tyre(s) is absolutely dangerous.. so is under-inflating.

Tyre Rotation

Tyre rotation is a good practice to extend the lifespan of your car tyres. It is recommended to rotate the tyres every 6, 000 miles. You can do the rotation by yourself or with the help of your vulcanizer or mechanic when you go for an oil change. It is advised to rotate the tyres diagonally from front to rear. Some vehicles have larger tyres in the rear compare to those in front.. In this case, consider rotating the tyres between the same axles.

Visual Inspection

Do visual inspections on regular basis.. the tyres may pick a nail, have a cut or uneven wear. Visual inspection will enable you to be proactive and not wait till the tyres are badly damaged before you act. 


Wheel Balancing and Alignment

Bad wheel alignment will result in uncomfortable driving experience as well as quick tyre wear.. The wheel balancing and alignment should not cost you above N6,000 to do but you could end up having to buy a N60,000 tyre after the damage has been done.



Don’t forget to have your tyre related accessories like a good jack, wheel spanner, small air compressor etc. This will enable you attend to your car tyres anywhere and anytime without having to damage the car tyres. Something as simple as borrowing wheel spanners can damage the wheel knots.


Avoid Potholes

Although, this is difficult to achieve with the bad state of our roads… but you just have to avoid those potholes. They can deform your car tyres, damage the alignment and even cause a tyre burst.  


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