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5 Benefits Of Having Tinted Glasses In Your Car



car with tinted glass

car with tinted glass

In our country Nigeria, having the glasses of your car tinted is somewhat a big deal because you have to obtain a tinted permit from the Police Force.

Obtaining this tinted permit can be time consuming if you’re not an elite or a government official. The processes might take you a while if you don’t have what we call ‘connections’ in Nigeria.

You can read about the 2 Ways To Obtain A Tint Permit For Your Vehicle before we proceed to the purpose of this post.

Aside from enhancing the beauty of your car, there are other benefits of tinting the glasses of your car.

5 benefits of having tinted glasses in your car are:

1. Gives protection when your glass shatters:

In cases of car accident where your car crashes and have the windows shattered, tinted glasses can render protection to passengers.

The tinted glasses reduces the higher risk of glasses flying around which can cause serious injuries to the driver and passengers.

In cases of accident, the tint will do justice to holding the glasses together as opposed to shattering.

tinted glass shattered glass

2. Protection from UV rays:

Tints reduce the amount of UV rays your skin is exposed to. With tinted glasses, you’re safer and less prone to skin cancer . For people who drive for extended periods of time, window film protection provides a critical advantage to safeguard against UV rays.

tinted glass UV ray reduction

3. Privacy and security:

Tinted window can give a good level of privacy to the driver and other car occupants. This doesn’t mean you should go and be doing bad things o.

Tinted glass can also help keep your belongings inside your car safe. A passerby can’t see or tell you have your laptop bag in your back seat. Someone with ulterior motives have to come closer and take a serious peek to know what’s inside. The fear of the unknown can be a total turnoff for them too.

tintrd glass thief

4. Reduces fading inside your car:

Extreme sunshine car hasten the fading of some parts in your car interior. Excessive sunlight on your car can discolour leather and vinyl; fade upholstery as the case may be.

Tint protect your car from such and makes the interior of your car not to age in no long time.

tint discoloured car seat

5. Heat reduction:

With tinted glasses, the heat inside of your car is reduced. It can make the interior feel cooler than normal.

Tint reduces heat that build up inside your car by up to 70%.




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