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China is About To Build A “Flying Train” That Moves At 4000 KM/HR



China Train

When the news about Hyperloop broke out ,we taught that would be it  !,12oo Km/h is no joke.

These Chinco people,are about to prove us wrong,we haven’t reached the limit !.

They are building something beyond our imagination.Its very similar to the Hyperloop system,but its going to be faster ,the aim is 4000Km/h (in your face Elon Musk ! ).

The system is primarily going to make use of magnetic levitation,in simpler words ;its going to be suspended in the air,more like floating using magnetic fields.

The China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, has already acquired about 200 patents on this project alone .They have been developing missiles,rockets,and satellites,they also run the fastest network of bullet trains in the world,so there is no doubt they are up to the task.

The initial phase of the project is targeted at 1000Km/h,then 2000Km/h,the final phase will be 4000Km/h waawuuuu ! .

Just incase you are wondering what 4000Km/hr would be like ,just imagine traveling from Lagos to Borno (Sambisa forest to be precise  ;D ) in 26 minutes……or Lagos to Abuja in 11 minutes !.

Chai ,I don’t know what to say again,just watch the video below !

What do you think ?

Would you want use this mode of transportation at such speed ?

Lets hear from you

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