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Gold Rolls-Royce Phantom “Taxi” Spotted In India, Cost ₦125,000 To Get A 300km Ride




Gold Rolls-Royce Phantom LWB Taxi


On Tuesday, a Rolls-Royce Phantom VII LWB, wrapped in gold and labelled as a “Taxi“, was spotted cruising in Indian state of Kerala.

This special luxury Taxi car was ferried in by the businessman owner of Oxygen Resorts in Kerala, Boby Chemmanur.


The Rolls-Royce Phantom is being used as the pick and drop service for people who stay at his resort for 2 days, all for just Rs25,000 (₦125,000).

In another video, Bobby Chemmannur was seen explaining the package to a local media channel.

He said:

“The package is a unique one that I want to offer as an experience to people who can’t afford a ride in this car otherwise.

Just for Rs25,000 you can get a 300km ride in the limited edition luxury car for 3 days, and as a part of the package they can stay at our resort for two days.”


Bobby Chemmannur added that the offer may not bring him any profits, but, he wanted to do it because it is a unique idea.

“To rent even a regular Rolls-Royce for a day, it costs around Rs450,000 (N2.2m). This car is a limited edition and one of biggest models and with many facilities. The original cost of the car is Rs120 million (₦599m), I got for an auction at a slightly lesser cost.”

So for Rs25,000 (₦125,000), Indians can get a 300km ride in the limited edition luxury car for 3 days.

And the offer sounds very cheap. According to the businessman, you will pay around Rs450,000 (₦2.2m) to rent a regular Rolls-Royce for a day.

Indians are known to be lovers of Rolls-Royce cars. There are also several Rolls-Royce models in India, and many of them are available on rent.