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Ineos Promises Its Grenadier EV Will Be A Serious Off-Road SUV With High Endurance



Defender-inspired Ineos Grenadier SUV To Hit Coscharis Showrooms This Year (Photos) - autojosh

In an era defined by revolutionary shifts in the automotive industry, Ineos Automotive steps up its game with an announcement that dares to redefine the landscape of off-road, electric vehicles. The company recently confirmed some tantalizing details about their upcoming Ineos EV. Set for launch in 2026, this green off-roader promises a robust range of more than 400 km, alongside a claim of being ‘unstoppable’ off-road. Quite a juicy bone to throw to the car enthusiasts, isn’t it?

CEO Lynn Calder, the captain steering the Ineos Automotive ship, clarified that this EV off-roader is on schedule for its 2026 release. Interestingly, it won’t have any familial connection to the Grenadier Station Wagon or the Quartermaster, both of which strut around on a sturdier ladder-frame chassis. Instead, the yet-to-be-named Ineos EV will flaunt a skateboard-style, monocoque platform, which apparently is the ‘only way to go’ when morphing a Grenadier-style 4×4 into an electric vehicle.

You might wonder why Ineos didn’t just electrify the Grenadier. Well, they considered it, but in the end, they opted to stick with an all-combustion powertrain for the off-road wagon and the pickup truck. Why? Well, because the ladder frame apparently doesn’t play nicely with a hefty EV battery.

When owning an electric pickup or SUV, you might have to deal with some challenges, primarily the notorious long distances you need to travel. Ineos is aware of this, acknowledging that the current EVs are not quite ready to cater to the needs of those who frequently tow, which significantly drains an EV’s driving range.

The 2026 Ineos EV promises to be a game-changer, and it’s rumored to be ‘unbeatable’ off-road, a claim you’d certainly want to test! Its appeal doesn’t end there; the Ineos EV is being designed with broad market appeal, geared towards workhorse duties and offering an unprecedented level of off-road durability. The development of the Ineos EV is a collaborative effort with Magna Steyr. They are almost certainly basing the Ineos EV on the Austrian company’s FM29 platform, a foundation already used in the Fisker Ocean EV, and a couple of Chinese electric SUVs.

Defender-inspired Ineos Grenadier SUV To Hit Coscharis Showrooms This Year (Photos) - autojoshIneos, Owned by UK Billionaire 'Ratcliffe', Buys Mercedes-Benz Plant To Produce Grenadier SUV - autojosh is an authoritative car blog in Nigeria. Its objective is to get Nigerians and a wider audience to be more informed about automobiles, the automotive sector and transport infrastructure. Over the years, we have been instrumental in creating immeasurable public awareness about automobiles and their maintenance, safety and traffic laws, amongst others. ...Your mobility, our priority. EH


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