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Ghana’s Kantanka Three-wheeler With Butterfly Doors Turn Heads At Filling Station




C.E.O of Kantanka group has been spotted filling up the tank of an upcoming three-wheeler named the “Okatakyie” at the petrol station.

The “Polaris Slingshot-styled three-wheeler ” has two stylish butterfly doors that allows easier entry and exit.

Its front view takes inspiration from the Polaris Slingshot.


The Kantanka Okatakyie has attracted alot of media attention ever since the upcoming luxury three-wheeler was spotted over a year ago.

The C.E.O of kantanka group of companies, Kwadwo Safo jnr. was recently spotted filling up the tank of the prototype three-wheeler at the petrol station.

The soon to be released “Polaris Slingshot-styled three-wheeler ” is set soon join the ever growing list of models in Kantanka’s lineups.

The “Okatakyie” has a front view that takes inspiration from the Polaris Slingshot and the boxy Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon SUV. It boasts of two stylish butterfly doors that allows easier entry and exit.



The three-wheeler features two wheels in front and one wheel at the rear. Inside, it has side-by-side bucket seating for two people — driver inclusive — and an infotainment screen.

Powering this impressive three-wheeled motor vehicle is an engine with a capacity of 1100cc (73 horsepower).



The Ghanaian automobile company is yet to give full details of the upcoming luxury three-wheeler.

According to reports, the upcoming “Okatakyie” will be affordable for Ghanaians when it finally arrives in the market.



It will join other Kantanka lineups, including the Nkunimdie SUV; Omama Pickup; Onantefo SUV; Otumfuo SUV; Kantanka K71 SUV (rebadged Brilliance Jinbei S30) and the Kantanka Omama luxury 4×4.

Kantanka vehicles are assembled and built in Ghana, using over 75% of locally manufactured components, including the engine block.

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