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This 20-Year-Old Lady Has Lived In This Van For Almost 2 Years (Photos)



Jennelle Eliana is a 20-year-old lady from California. She has been living in this her van since September 2017. She did the conversions inside the van herself to suit herself.

Living in a van is not as simple as it may appear because you have to manage every little space in the van. The mosquitoes, the hot and sweaty nights are some of the things you may not see; but believe me, they are there. You also need to be very organized so that inside the van doesn’t look weird.

Some of the obvious challenges of living in a van is showering and safety. Taking your bathe in such a confined space can be very challenging and your safety is another thing that raises concern.

These are some of the pictures shared by Jennelle who has lived in her van for almost two years.

You can watch a video where she answered some questions pertaining why she decided to make a van her house. She also revealed how she takes her bathe in the van.


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