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Russian Carmaker GAZ Installs Tetris Game On The Dashboard Of Its Latest Trucks



Russian carmaker GAZ has integrated Tetris (a favorite of 1980’s gaming) into the dashboard of some of it’s lorry models as a hidden Easter egg for drivers to find.

Buyers of the latest trucks from Russian automobile maker were surprised to find a vintage computer game on the dashboard.

The company explained that it was included as one of several tests for the computer equipment in the Gazelle Next series of vehicles, which includes trucks and minibuses.

In a video above, a driver of a Russian GAZelle Next shows viewers how to access the game on the dashboard through a series of lever movements and button turns.

The game appears in the center of the dashboard and even has a soundtrack that plays throughout.
While finding the game, the driver describes to the viewers the exact steps it takes for Tetris to appear.

The process appears to be: 1)Turn the ignition on,2) start the car and activate the right turn indicator three times. 3)Click the trip computer reset twice, then push the clutch pedal five times. 4)Finally, the driver has to rev the engine to 2,000rpm while turning on the left indicator.After all of the steps are completed, the Tetris game appears on screen for drivers to play.

Tetris can only be set up on the car’s dashboard during the factory check up,so the company has allayed any potential concerns about road safety. “It’s not possible to start the game when the vehicle is in motion, so this function doesn’t affect safety,” the manufacturer said.

This isn’t the first time engineers have hidden something in code for drivers to find in their vehicles.

The Tesla Model S was found to have rainbow lights hidden inside a charging port, and drivers can also access a series of games in the vehicle.

Easter eggs allow Tesla drivers to virtually turn their car into a copy of James Bond’s Lotus submarine, or drive along the ‘Rainbow Road‘ from the Mario Kart video game.



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