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See A Toyota Hilux Fitted With An AMG Engine (Photos And Video)



Modifications are not new in the automobile world but some cars or vehicles haven’t gone on that route yet. Say no more as a previous generation Toyota Hilux has gone through the AMG treatment. The name of the company that did the engine swap is unknown but they did one hell of a great job in converting masterpiece. What name do we call this creation? probably a Toyota Hilux AMG. Also, these modifications and conversions took place in South Africa

The engine in question is the C63 AMG model that was used in the 2010s 6.2 V8. The 6.2 liter was the last naturally aspirated engine before it was replaced by the 4.0 liter V8 twin-turbo. Now the engine fitted to the Hilux is the 6.2 v8 that outputs 518hp. Now, that’s a lot of power on a small pickup truck. This is obviously the most powerful Hilux ever.

On the inside, it sounds like a C63 but the exterior has just little modifications that are not obvious. Another outstanding feature of the engine swap is that it is fitted with a manual transmission. The manual transmission was never available for the 6.2 liters, but these guys managed to convert it.

Here are photos of the Hilux with an AMG engine. Also watch the video below to listen to the amazing sound of the engine.

See A Toyota Hilux Fitted With An AMG Engine See A Toyota Hilux Fitted With An AMG Engine

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