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The 4 Different Types Of Rims You’ll See On Cars



steel rim

The rims fitted in a car have a lot of contributions to make more than you may think. They are not just there for aesthetics; they have their contributions towards safety and performance – balance.

Before we proceed, what is a rim? A rim makes up the outer circular design of the wheel on which the inside edge of the tire is mounted on vehicle.  There are various types of rims out there, the one you pick matters a lot. When making the choice of which of the rims to go for, always have safety in mind. After safety, financial budget.

Your choice of rim will have significance in the performance and handling of your vehicle and also the total appearance of your vehicle. To understand what this means, take out time and read our post on 10 Things That Can Make Your Car Look More Beautiful.

The primary materials used in the production of these rims vary and that’s what distinguishes one type of rim from another. Steel is one of the primary material for making standard rims.

These are the 4 types of rims you’ll see in cars. And they’ll be a good guide to help you in your subsequent purchase

1. Steel Rims:

This is the most common of all the rims. It is also the cheapest and it often being referred to as factory fitted rims. It is among the strongest of all the rim types. On the other hand, their weight is something else; they are heavy. They are not very pleasing to the eyes when compared to the rest of the rim types.

Hardly will you see someone that wants steel rims in their new car these days. Another hack invoke is using wheel cover on them. The wheel cover will disguise them to look like alloy rims until you take a close look.

People are dumping it to take up the lighter and more appealing counterparts. The steel wheel is up to 80% cheaper when compared to other rims.
steel rim


2. Alloy Rims:

Alloy rims are next in line. They are taking over from the steel rims. Alloy rims are made from aluminum or magnesium or both. They have less weight when compared to steel rims. This less weight is a good thing for the driver; you get faster acceleration and minimum stop motion.

Another  good side of alloy rims is there will be less strain on the suspension of your car. Alloy rims add much to the good look of a car. Changing the rims of a car from steel to alloy can bring out more beauty in the car than you ever imagined.
alloy rim

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3. Chrome Rims:

The chrome rims are not as common as the alloy and steel rims. The chrome rims are well known for its shinny appearance.

Chrome rims are mainly used for its aesthetics and not performance. Chrome rims are easily scratched and you won’t love them once they start getting old.
chrome rim

4. Spinners:

This was very prominent in the 90s. Spinners were popularly called “spinning wheels“. We always saw them in music videos and foreign movies. They have no business with the better performance of your car; just aesthetics.

The rims will spin as the car moves and will continue for a while after the car stops.
spinner rim


Which of these rims do you love the most and why?



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