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This Alaskan Road Was Repaired Under 4 Days After Being Destroyed By 7.0-Magnitude Earthquake



This road connecting International Airport Road and Minnesota Drive in Anchorage was totally destroyed during the 7.0-Magnitude Earthquake that occurred in Alaska less than a week ago.

Before and after photos shared on Facebook

Now, the road has been repaired and fresh lines painted. And it took the Alaskan Department of Transportation and Public Facilities less than four days to effect the repairs despite been harder to pave roads during cold temperatures.

They are presently inspecting all 243 bridges that were affected by the earthquake to see if they have any structural damages.

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The pics above makes one wonder why some states and local governments in Nigeria can’t fix even the tiniest of potholes on their streets.

Of course, we all know the implications of leaving them unattended to .

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