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Ultra-luxury, $155k London Taxi Will Turn Heads Of Rolls-Royce Owners




This $155k ultra-luxury Sutton VIP Class LEVC based on popular London LEVC taxi will turn Rolls-Royce customers heads.

High-tech features includes haptic climate controls, an upgraded stereo system with Bluetooth connectivity.

Other features includes a TV tuner with Apple TV, Sony PS4 games console, panoramic roof, and a fridge.


Tuning company Lorinser recently gave the popular London LEVC TX taxi a luxurious makeover in China. This upgraded all-electric LX taxi, designed for Chinese market, was showcased at the Beijing Auto Show.

Now, London-based retailer of luxury vehicles, Clive Sutton, has started a limited production run of these super-luxurious vehicles dubbed the Sutton VIP Class LEVC.

Based on the popular electric range-extender LEVC TX, this luxury taxi, by tuner Sutton Bespoke, is aimed at those who want to travel discreetly about town in unrivalled comfort.

On the outside, the VIP Class LEVC looks like the regular TX. Its black-and-silver paint scheme is aimed to differentiate between the two.


This $155k Ultra-luxury Sutton VIP Class LEVC is the most luxurious London taxi.

Inside, the Sutton VIP Class LEVC boasts a fully redesigned interiors that will turn heads of Rolls-Royce and Bentley owners.

There is an angled rear seats clad in Sandalwood leather and Alcantara trim, new armrest complete with cupholders and a refrigerator.


Hand-crafted wood veneers adorn the door trims, while high-quality thick-pile carpet replaces the hard-wearing rubber flooring.

Other features includes panoramic roof that floods the cabin with natural light, a retractable privacy screen, and soft-close doors.



Some of these high-tech features includes haptic climate controls; an upgraded stereo system with Bluetooth connectivity; a TV tuner with Apple TV; and a Sony PS4 games console.

All this luxury features doesn’t come cheap. Sutton quotes a price of £120,000 ($155k) for private buyers, while Business customers will pay £100k ($129k), excluding VAT. At these prices, you can get two standard LEVC taxis that have been roaming the streets of London since 2017.

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