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Despite City Lockdown, Gov. Wike Inspects Road Construction Projects (PHOTOS)



Despite City Lockdown, Gov. Wike Inspects Road Construction Projects (PHOTOS)

Governor Nyesom Wike has been the cynosure of national attention in the past few days.

This has been because of the deployment of extreme measure to ensure compliance with the lockdown directive of his administration.

However, all that has not stopped the execution of ongoing key projects in the state.

For instance, on Tuesday, Wike inspected road construction projects at the Flyover Bridges at  Rebisi, Rumuogba and Okoro-nu-odo. The Governor also inspected the urban renewal programme.

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During the inspection tour, he said “It is important that as we fight COVID-19,  we should not abandon very important infrastructure. People will still be alive after COVID-19,  so we need to develop basic infrastructure.

“Our fight against coronavirus is very serious,  but we have to continue to deliver projects to our people”.

Governor Wike expressed satisfaction with the level and pace of work at the project sites visited.

He said: “We are very happy with the level of work by Julius Berger and other construction companies. People are happy with what is going on.

“Leadership for me is to ensure that Rivers people are happy. Whether you like it or not, people will criticize from time to time, but this administration will continue to provide the best for the people.

“What is important overall, are you doing what people really want. People want you to provide basic infrastructure and things that will aid them to survive.”

During the outing, Governor Wike also arrested some persons who refused to wear masks.

He said: “Nigeria is a difficult place, very difficult country.  That is why when I see some social media lawyers and lawyers who practice on pages of Newspaper, criticize, I am not surprised.


“We have signed an executive order that you must wear your mask. Some people don’t want to obey it. They don’t believe that coronavirus is a reality.

“On monitoring today,  some people complied with the order by wearing the mask. Some others, even security personnel were not wearing the masks.”

“Remember,  it was Rivers State that started the Closure of borders. At the time, they criticized and asked if I am the President. I am not a President and I have never claimed to be. I never purchased form to be a President.  But I felt that protecting Rivers people is paramount. Now everybody is following suit. When you take action,  not everyone will love it. At the end of the day, they will find out that it is in the best interest of the people.”

The Governor said that the State Government is committed to the safety of Rivers people, no matter the criticism.

See more photos of the project inspection tour by Governor Nyesom Wike below.

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