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16 Toyota Model Letter Acronyms And Their Full Meanings



toyota corolla 2020 XSE

toyota corolla 2020 XSE

Some car enthusiasts, might know what acronyms on Toyota vehicles like “LE” mean.But for those who are often left confused about the meanings of these acronyms, we are here to bring to light their full meanings .

1.CE- Classic Edition

2.DX- Deluxe

3.L- Entry Level Grade

4.LE- Luxury Edition

5.S- Sport

6.SE-Sport Edition

7.SLE- Sport Luxury Edition

8.SR- Sport Rally

9.SR5- Sport Rally 5-Speed

10.VE- Value Edition

11.XL- Executive Luxury

12.XLE- Executive Luxury Edition

13.XLS- Extreme Luxury Sport

14.XR- Extreme Rally

15.XRS- Extreme Rally Sport

16.XSE- Extreme Sport Edition


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