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5.32bn Litres of Petrol Were Imported By Nigeria in Q4 2018 – NBS



nbs petrol

nbs petrol

According to the National Bureau Statistics (NBS), a whooping 5.32 billion liters of petrol was imported into Nigeria in the fourth quarter of the year 2018.

This information about the quantity of petrol imported into the country was disclosed by NBS in its Petroleum Products Imports and Consumption (Truck Out) Statistics for fourth quarter 2018 posted on its website.

NBS also reported that 1.3 billion litres of diesel, 114.19 million litres of kerosene and 267.80 million litres of aviation fuel were imported during the period.

In addition to the report by NBS, it indicated that 50.73 million litres of base oil, 42.38 million litres of bitumen and 10.63 million litres of Low Pour Fuel Oil were imported.

The NBS said that 331.78 million litres of domestic gas were imported into the country in the quarter under review.

The bureau said that state-wide distribution or truck-out volume for fourth quarter showed that 5.17 billion litres of petrol were distributed nationwide.

It said that 1.16 billion litres of diesel, 81.12 million litres of household kerosene, 256.73 million litres of aviation fuel and 137.53 million litres of domestic gas were distributed nationwide during the period under review.

The data for the report were provided by the Petroleum Products and Pricing Regulatory Agency (PPPRA) and verified as well as validated by the NBS.


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