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8 Electric Cars That Sells Below N14 Million (PHOTOS)



Electric cars or Electric Vehicles (EVs) are the future of automobiles. This is a reality that we cannot not run away from.

Sadly, Nigeria is still suffering from poor electricity power supply challenge. This is something most countries in the world have overcome decades back.

Various nations are now making deadlines to when  they intend to phase out vehicles that are powered by carbon-based fuel.

Soon, vehicle manufacturers will terminate the production of petrol and diesel-powered vehicles.

It goes without saying, Nigeria had better shape up to this reality, or shipout.

Earlier, we posted an article “Why Are Nigerians Are Not Buying Electric Cars ?”

Interestingly, some respondents to that article – asides expressing concerns about  our capacity to get enough electricity to power the cars, also believed that Electric Cars – being a new technology – would be way out of the reach of most Nigerians.

Well, this is not exactly true.

There are quite a number of EVs that are within the budget for cars of many Nigerians. has compiled a list of some Electric cars together with their cost (the cost quoted is exclusive of import duties) and driving range of some electric cars that are affordable for Nigerians.

Chevrolet Bolt –  ₦13.2m; range of 750 km on a full charge.


Fiat 500e – ₦11.9m; Range of 135km.  It takes about 4 hours to charge from empty to full. 

Kia Soul EV – (₦11.6m); Range 179km on a single charge.


Volkswagen e-Golf –   (₦11 m); Range:  201km


Nissan LEAF – (₦10.8 m); Range: 135 km


Hyundai IONIQ Electric –(₦10.6 m); Range : 180 km

Ford Focus Electric – ₦10.5 m;  Range: 185 km

Smart fortwo ED – ₦8.5 m; Range:  158 km


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