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Unhappy Driver Deliberately Crashed A Bus Into Lake After His House Was Demolished




Unhappy Chinese driver deliberately crashed a bus into lake, killing 21 people, after his house was demolished.

The driver, who was left homeless at his was demolished, was among those killed.

Shortly before he drove the bus into the lake, he was seen drinking a very strong Chinese alcohol.


An unhappy driver deliberately crashed a bus full of passengers into a lake in China last week, hours after discovering his house had been demolished.

Twenty-one people died and 15 others injured during the July 7 incident in Anshun city in Guizhou province in China.

The driver, surnamed Zhang, was among those killed in the accident.


The bus reportedly swerved across five lanes, smashed through a guard rail, before plunging into a lake.

There were 12 students on the bus at the time of the crash, five of whom died.  Some of the students were about to sit for their college entrance exams.


Those that were rescued were treated at the hospital. At least 19 fire trucks, 21 rubber boats and 97 rescuers, including 17 divers, were part of the rescue team.

The Anshun police said in a statement that :

“Zhang was unsatisfied with his life and with the demolition of his rented public house. In order to get noticed, he committed an extreme criminal act,”

According to police, Zhang normally began his shift at noon, but on the day of the crash, he asked another driver if he could start earlier.


Investigations revealed that he bought a bottle of strong Chinese alcohol “baijiu” hours before getting behind the wheels.

Just before the crash, he allegedly sent his girlfriend a voice message on popular messaging app WeChat, expressing “world-weary” feelings.

Shortly before he drove the bus into the reservoir, he was seen drinking from a plastic beverage bottle in the driver’s seat. At least 200ml of baijiu was found by police near the crash site.

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