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German Contingent To Miss The Geneva International Motor Show Next Year



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The one and only Geneva Motor Show will finally start again on February 26, 2024. For the first time since 2019 (if we ignore the edition in Qatar from earlier this month), because in 2020 it was canceled several times due to the coronavirus measures. Anyone who had hoped that the return of the Geneva International Motor Show would go hand in hand with a lot of European car news may be disappointed. Automobilwoche understands that the major German car manufacturers are not present. Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Audi missed the show.

According to the medium, Audi emphasizes that this is not yet a final farewell to the fair, but that it is in any case abandoning the 2024 edition. BMW states that it already has its own presentation moments (whether or not via social media) and is starting to let go of traditional fairs such as Geneva, Detroit, and Paris. It seems that this loss for the Swiss stock market will not stop there. Automotive News has learned that Stellantis is also not yet enthusiastic about Geneva. On the other hand, Renault has already indicated that it is moving in that direction and that it remains committed to car fairs at all.

There is a good chance that Geneva will become more than ever (just like the IAA) a mobility fair, at which smaller companies will demonstrate their latest innovations in that field. Anyone who wants to look at cars will probably come across Chinese exhibition stands more than ever. The Chinese also made their presence felt at IAA Mobility in Munich this year. As mentioned, the 2024 Geneva International Motor Show will start on February 26 with the press day and the show floor will be open to the general public from February 28. GIMS 2024 lasts until March 3.

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