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Nollywood Actress, Sonia Ogiri Presents Mother A Toyota Venza



Popular Nigerian Actress, Sonia Ogiri Presents Mother Toyota Venza As Christmas Gift (PHOTOS)

Popular Nigerian Nollywood actress, Sonia Ogiri, rounded off last year by buying Toyota Venza for Mother. She spent millions on a new car for her mother for Christmas.

She took the social media and shared lovely photos and videos of the brand new Toyota Venza that she gifted her mother.

While explaining via the caption that the Christmas gift was little, she further apologized to her mother for not celebrating the festivities with for the very first time.

Sonia Ogiri said in her caption that since she became a mother in 2016, she understood the unconditional love and sacrifices involved and that she always respected mothers for it.

In her statement, “A little Christmas gift from me to my extraordinary mama, hope you like it. This for all the Christmas I couldn’t spend with you knowing since I came to this world, I always spend my Christmas with you. I wish I have more, I would get you a private jet 🛩. Love you so much

Since 2016 that I was fortunate to become a mom, I understood the worth of a mother. In all my travels, I pray to always meet people of respect, values and love for their parents especially MOTHERS. It surprises me when I hear some ladies say, they don’t want a man that his mom is still alive, meaning no mother In law wow  just remember that you will be a

Meanwhile, the movie star rolled out rules her for future husband rules to be a worthy man for her.

“1. You must love your mom extremely

“2. You must take extreme care of her

“3. You must know the value of a mother

“4. You mustn’t be that prodigal child the Bible talks about

“5. You must respect your mom cause by so doing, you will be that responsible husband and father ”

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