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5 Most Scary Things That Happen On Nigerian Roads



scary things nigerian roads

scary things nigerian roads

In Nigeria of today, being a Nigerian alone can be scary talk more driving on Nigerian roads. We all know many terrible things happen on Nigerian roads on a daily basis, even as you’re reading this post.

Out of every terrible thing one may encounter on our Nigerian roads, we were able to point of five which we think are the most scary. In this post, we didn’t just make mention of these scary things, we also gave hints on how to avoid them (or at least minimize the occurrence).

In no particular order, below are the 5 most scary things that happen on Nigerian roads.

1. Empty fuel tank in the middle of nowhere:

It can be a very scary experience to have your fuel tank empty in the middle of nowhere. How to get help in such situation can be a very difficult one. If you find yourself in such situation, you may be prone to kidnappers or robbers.

Always ensure you plan your trip so you don’t end up being a victim. Also ensure your car fuel gauge is functional.

2. Container laden trailer falling on a car:

This is another scary thing that happens on Nigerian roads, most especially in Lagos state. Terrible roads and carelessness have catalyzed the rate at which containers fall on smaller vehicles. It is indeed heartbreaking that some persons lost their lives in such situation.

You should be very careful when driving around trucks in order to be safe. Kindly read our post on “4 Safety Tips For Driving Around Trucks” to be properly guided.

3. Being Kidnapped:

Kidnapping activities in Nigeria is worsening day by day. A lot of people are being kidnapped on a daily basis. Some people are not lucky enough to make it back from their journey due to kidnappers. Falling into the grips of these kidnappers is one of the scariest things one can encounter on Nigerian roads.  The high rate of kidnapping led to the banning of tricycles in some states by Nigeria Army.

If you must travel through such dangerous roads, you should at least move in the daytime and avoid night travels. Traveling during the day is not a guaranty, but at least, it is much more better than night journey.

4. Encountering highway robbers:

Highway robbery is another scary menace in Nigeria. Hearing the stories of robbery victims isn’t as scary as witnessing it. So many Nigerians have fallen into the traps of these armed robbers on Nigerian roads. Unfortunately, some lost their lives in such situations.

5. Fire Outbreak:

Lagos state alone recorded about thirty nine (39) fire incidents in the first week of 2020. This will tell you how fire outbreak is a very big challenge in Nigeria. In Lagos state, fire outbreak now look like a normal daily occurrence. If a trailer carrying fuel is not burning, a gas station is burning, or a car on transit. Being within the perimeter of this fire outbreak is on of the scariest thing one can encounter. The adrenaline rush, the panic, the heat, the helter skelter in such situation is enough to stir up scare.

Read our post on “Top 10 Causes Of Car Fire” so you don’t end up bringing up scare to other road users in Nigeria.

Please, feel free to tell us other scary things that happen on Nigerian roads in the comment section. It would be very much appreciated.

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