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How To Prevent Seat Belt Entanglement On Kids



seat belt entanglement

seat belt entanglement

Seat belt entanglement is one of the 5 Ways Kids Can Get Hurt When Inside A Car. As we’ve stated before, kids easily get bored and will always reach out to the nearest thing to them to play with.

A child within reach of a seat belt may become entangled if he or she pulls the seat belt all the way out and wraps the belt around his or her head, neck, or waist. In some cases, this resulted to very serious injuries on kids.

Seat belt entanglement can happen if you do not properly restrain your child, for example, if you let the child lie down or sleep on the vehicle seat instead of being properly restrained. Older children who are no longer in a car seat can become entangled by pulling a seat belt all the way out of the retractor or by playing with an unused seat belt.

Below are ways to prevent  kids from being entangled by seat belts

1. Do not let children play in or around cars.

2. Always ensure children are properly restrained.

3. Teach children that seat belts are not toys.

4. If a child has an unused seat belt within reach, buckle unused seat belts.

5. Never leave your children alone in or around a vehicle for any reason. Seat belt entanglement can happen in the blink of an eye.

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