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5 Ways Kids Can Get Hurt When Inside A Car



kids hurt car

Kids are known to be very curious. They would always want to try out things that adults wouldn’t even think of. Their brains are not that developed to perceive danger so they can easily be victims.

When kids are in a car, anything can happen in a blink of an eye. Due to this fact, kids should be watched out for at all times. The right safety measures should be taken and assumptions should not be tolerated.

These are the ways kids can get hurt inside a car even to the extent of losing their lives.

1. Opening the door while the car is in motion:

This is another way kids get hurt in cars. When a car is in motion, the doors are meant to be closed. When it is accidentally opened especially by kids, it can cause damage to the car or even harm the child.

Endeavour to use child safety lock when next you have kids in your car. It is very easy to activate; doesn’t require any rocket science.

2. Sticking out head through the door windows:

This is another wrong thing kids like to do. This is easy for them especially when they are not restricted in the vehicle. Sticking out head or any other part of their body can be a death trap. If they are lucky enough, they will sustain minor injuries.

When the kids are not restricted, endeavour to keep the windows wound up to a reasonable extent where they can’t stick out their body parts. Make sure the power windows are locked from the driver’s side too so they don’t operate the windows as they wish.

3. Power window injury:

Kids can hurt themselves with the power windows of your vehicle. You may be wondering how possible this might be. Many kids have been injured when a power window closes to their hands, wrists or finger. Some kids in some cases have been strangled by power windows.

As pointed out in number 3, ensure the kids don’t have control over the power windows. The person who has control over the power windows should also ensure the kids are safe when they operate it.

4. Heatstroke:

This is the outcome of leaving kids in a hot vehicle. It is a non-crash related fatality among children.

The heat in the car will bring about body temperature rise which could possibly lead to death if nothing is done on time.

5. Seat belt entanglement:

Kids could get entangled if he/she pulls the seat belt out and wrap it around the neck, wrist or waist.

Please, always ensure you keep kids safe in and around your car.

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We will also love to hear your worst experiences with kids in or around your car.

Emeka is a Contributor at Autojosh. A graduate of Electrical/Electronic Engineering with a B.Eng degree. Emeka is a car enthusiast who is interested in traveling, writing, movies and driving. He also loves drinking garri with cold water.