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You’re Not A Nigerian Superstar, Until This Happens (PHOTOS)



How does one identify a superstar in Nigeria?

One way is that you find their pictures adorning commercial vehicles. These celebrities are typically drawn from entertainment, religion, government, etc.

Indeed, the commercial motorists are die-hard fans of these celebrities. Sometimes, they go as far as sticking the photos of these Nigerian celebrities right across the windscreens of their vehicles. This is to the extent that the cluster of photos sometime almost hinders the visibility of the rider.  And this goes to demonstrate the fanatical or cult-following that some celebrities enjoy.

This practise is very common among commercial motorists in Lagos.

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In Lagos, there are over 200,000 commercial vehicles on the roads in Lagos. And many of them  (when the national average is 11 vehicles per kilometer), Lagos daily records an average of 227 vehicles per every kilometer of road.

Popular actor, Richard Mofe Damijo was described as a superstar during an interview. He remarked that he does not see himself as one until his photos adorn commercial vehicles as he sees of other celebrities.

Ideally, superstar status might not be determined by how much of your pictures adorn commercial vehicles. The practice clearly suggests a fanatical following.

Or do you agree?

Does one qualify to be called a Nigerian superstar if his or her pictures are not visible on commercial vehicles?

See some photos of celebrities on commercial vehicles in Lagos.

Nigerian superstar Nigerian superstar Nigerian superstar

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Nigerian superstar Nigerian superstar Nigerian superstar Nigerian superstarNigerian superstar

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