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100k Fine To Be Paid By Traffic Offenders If Caught Making Calls While Driving – FRSC



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The plan to increase the fine to be paid by traffic offenders was announced by the FRSC Corps Marshal, Boboye Oyeyemi, in an interview on the sideline of the Technical Working Group on Nigeria Road Safety Strategy.

“You cannot arrest somebody for using a phone while driving and he pays four thousand naira as penalty. And almost immediately he goes back to commit same offence.

“Fines are supposed to serve as deterrent, which is why I said that I am in support of what the National Assembly is doing presently amending the Act of the FRSC to make the fines go up.

“I was not the one that initiated it, it is the National Assembly that initiated it and I am in support and I will make sure that before the middle of next year this is pass into law.

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“I believe that by the time traffic offenders’ start paying between fifty to one hundred thousand naira for a single traffic offence, they will not want to commit such offence again,” said.

The FRSC boss went further to add that the increase in traffic fines is to serve as a deterant to all traffic offenders.

“Look at Lagos, the minimum fine is fifty thousand naira and people are complying. I am not a revenue generating agency but again we must ensure that those fines serve as deterrent for people not to do it again

“When an offender pays fifty thousand or one hundred thousand naira fine, he or she will think twice before committing the offence again.

“What is the essence of a person disobeying traffic light and pays four thousand naira only. In fact, some of them insult us saying ‘ is it not four thousand?’.

“They will go to our office and use the POS to pay and walk away and you will see them entering their cars and using the phone again,” he said.

Further to this, the FRSC boss added that FRSC also take traffic offenders to health facilities and court of law.

He ended by saying “If you don’t want to pay the fine, then don’t commit the offence.”


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