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Unbelievable Snow Swallows Cars On Canadian Roads (Photos And Video)



Snow In Canada

Sometimes we have to thank God for our climate here in Nigeria. You can see how cars are covered in snow on the streets of Canada. Over the weekend there was a large blizzard that covered Canada and it has rendered many folks stranded in their houses. Here are photos of Canada covered in thick snow.

As you can see, cars were not spared in the heavy blizzard. Snowfall as high as 6ft ravaged some parts of the country.  As seen below, we can see men scooping snow from their cars. This is definitely not an easy task.

Snow In Canada

Just imagine waking up in the morning only to find out that your front door is covered with 6ft of snow. Well, this Canadian seized the opportunity to create a snowman from the snowfall in the front door.

Snow In Canada

Commercial activities were temporarily halted due to the intense winter. As seen above a train could not get to its destination because the weather had caused serious obstructions on the track.

Would you like to live in this kind of environment? Tell us in the comment section below.

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